By taking your eyelash extensions course at Beauty Boulevard Academy, you can get yourself a professional and comprehensive training, high standard and support throughout your careers.

2 Days Basic Single Eyelash Extensions Course
1st day:
Review of products: how to use them, how does the system work.
Review of theory/morphology: what types of lashes suit the different eye forms, contraindications, hygiene, allergies, etc.
2 hours of training: the students practice intensively on brought models.

2nd day:
3.5 hours of intensive hands-on training on own models.
Our professional teachers make sure that you do not continue working with any. habits but correct your technique so that it is best. You must send mine. 4 pictures for evaluation before you can get to the exam, in this way we keep an eye on how you develop and can offer you extra education if needed.

Exam: 2 hours for a new full set of lashes, without errors, on their own model.
The exam is taken about 2-3 months after the first teaching day, where you got the technique. When you are ready to take the exam, you agree with your teacher one day to come and take your exam.

You receive a diploma when passing the exam. If you do not pass the exam for the first time, you can book a new day to resume your exam.

Price for course incl. start kit
Our start kit contains everything you need to start as a Lash stylist and products for about 50 new customers.
11.999, – ex. VAT
Fee for the repeated exam is 899 DKK ex VAT.

Russian Volume course

Russian Volume course is offered by the Beauty Boulevard, by our stylists who have received a diploma upon completion of the Single Eyelash Extension course. Russian Volume course requires that you are experienced in single eyelash extensions, at least for 3 months. When passing the exam, you receive a diploma as Master Volume Stylist.

Price for Russian Volume course

6,999, – ex. VAT.

Lash Lift Course

Learn the art of perming natural lashes. Start Kit can be bought on the course day.

Price 1400,- ex VAT


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