How many treatments of HIFU is recommended ?

1-2 treatments of skin tightening is recommended to begin with, the number of follow up treatments depends on the client and their laxity rating.  You will start to notice results immediately after your first treatment, final result of treatment is shown fully after 4 to 9 months.

What will I experience during HIFU & HIFU Lipo treatments ?

HIFU delivery handpiece will be placed on the skin and held there for approximately two minutes, this will be repeated 3 times per treatment area.  During treatment, you may feel the warmth of the handpiece, and in some cases, it may be slightly hot and uncomfortable. You may also feel a slight vibration and tingling sensation. Our certified doctor will guide you and explain more about the specific treatment you wish, at a complimentary consultation.

Will Eyelash Extensions damage my natural lash?

When made properly by a professional, the extensions will not damage your natural lash. They must be placed individually and separated / isolated properly in order for lashes to grow naturally while extensions are on. That is why it is important that this procedure must be done by a professional. Also, to prevent damage of extensions and your own natural lashes, do not rub, pull or pluck out any extensions by yourself. Let them fall out naturally and if you do decide you want them off sooner than booking for a refill, come into the studio and one of our stylists will take them off for you with a special eyelash extension remover.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

A new set lasts up to 2 weeks before fall out becomes apparent if lashes are maintained properly. After that, a refill appointment is made to replace any eyelashes that may have fallen out. How long your eyelash extensions will last depends on following things – how well you follow the aftercare instructions, your own natural eyelash growth cycle, your eating habits, sleeping habits as well as stress level and hormons, as all these have an individual effect on your natural hair growth and lose. We recommend a 45 mins – 1 hour refill every 2,5-3,5 weeks, depending on your natural hair growth and lose. 

How long is the process of Eyelash Extensions?

The process takes between 1.5- 3 hours depending on the set you choose and your stylist. For refills we recommend 45 mins – 1 hour refills every 2-3 weeks.

Can I wear mascara?

We do not recommend the usage of mascara on your eyelash extensions.  Most mascaras are oil based therefore will cause the adhesion to break up sooner. However if the use of mascara is unavoidable, for example on your lower lashes, then an oil free mascara is to be used. All oil based products are to be avoided once having eyelash extensions, please keep in mind that most eyeliners and make-up removers contain oil.

How do I prepare for my Lash appointment ?

Arrive with no eye make-up and make sure that you have cleaned any eye make up off minimum 30 mins before your treatment, to establish the best result and lasting.  We would need a properly cleaned base in order for proper adhesion. If you wear contact lenses, it is best to take them out before your treatment to avoid dryness.

Can I swim, shower and exercise as per usual with my new lashes?

Yes, your lashes may get wet. Only please do not swim or spa for 48 hours after the procedure. During summer time and vacations, please avoid sunscreen on your extensions as this will have an effect on the lasting. Long time bathing and sauna treatments can also have an effect of the lasting. We highly recommend to wash your lashes with a specially made eyelash shampoo everyday to keep your extensions clean at all times.